Be Yourself!

Be Yourself!

I just finished reading Golf’s Sacred Journey: Seven Days at the Links of Utopia by David L. Cook. It is an excellent book for anyone with even a remote interest in the game of golf. If you are an avid golfer, it is a must read! I am anxious to take the principles gleaned from this book and put them into action out on the golf course. But I found this interesting piece of work to possess wisdom that can be applied well beyond the confines of the golf links.
Here is one of the gems from the book:
“Every champion has convictions. But perennial champions have convictions based on foundations. These foundations become his first line of defense when facing adversity.”

Of course the author applies the above mentioned ideal to the game of golf. He cites the PGA heroes of my childhood in that regard. Lee Trevino, Jack Nicklaus, Arnold Palmer, and Gary Player were all very successful pros on the tour. The ongoing successes they enjoyed were based on their convictions. Each possessed their own unique signature swing. And the execution of those swings led to a string of victories for each of them.

I could not help but apply these golf principles to life in general. My mind started running all over the place. I was reminded of the importance of possessing my own unique swing in my profession. Those of us who do public speaking on a regular basis find that we are constantly being compared to others. But I don’t “swing the club” the same way that another speaker does. Each of us possesses our own unique styles born out of conviction.

Mondays can be difficult days for those of us who preach every week. The adrenalin from the previous day comes crashing down and our energy levels are just not up to par. A book focusing on golf that has far reaching implications was helpful to me today. I was reminded of the importance of operating from my personal convictions. And furthermore I was prompted to examine the foundation of said convictions.

I would pose these questions for the benefit of all of my friends. Are your convictions driving your life both personally and professionally? And what kind of foundation is prompting those convictions? Or…are you letting people around you tell you how you should be swinging the club? In reference to the golf swings of Jack Nicklaus and his contemporaries, David Cook says:

“While their swings were very different, they each had a deep belief in their own method.”

Do you trust your convictions? Tomorrow is Tuesday. It is time to let the adrenalin start building. It is time for me to refine my own unique swing in all matters of life. I hope you can do the same.

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