The Best Coach I Ever Had…

The Best Coach I Ever Had…

 I read a great tribute to a coach from a former player this week on a friend’s facebook page. She made the following comment regarding her experience with this gentleman:

He’s the best coach I ever had. For every one thing that he told me to work on, he told me three things I was doing well.

What a great observation! Come to think about it I wish I had read that about 22 years ago, when we found out that we were expecting our firstborn. Those words of wisdom apply aptly to parenting. Kids need lots of “coaching” on lots of issues from their parents. But it should be couched in the same form that my friend’s baseball coach used. When we point out the areas that need improvement, we should encourage them by pointing out three other ways that they are excelling.

I actually think adults would benefit from a similar approach. If we want to maximize employee productivity and morale, then let’s choose such a sandwich approach to motivation. The good is blended with the bad. The areas that need improvement are sandwiched between some positive strokes.

Children and adults alike will remember people in their lives that possess such positive motivational skills. It builds confidence. And everyone is need of periodic confidence boosts. In fact, I would go as far to say that it can be life changing. In some cases, coaches are dealing with kids that are being raised in a very negative environment. One of the three positive things said to that child could end up making a difference that will not soon be forgotten.

I vote for the sandwich approach to motivation today. It works. Ball players improve their skills, kids shine in academics, and adults find a renewed sense of worth. My kids will be home for the holidays. I need to start formulating my daily list of three things they are doing well, and squeeze in a few areas that need some work as well….

Oh and by the way…Who is the best coach you ever had?

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