When I am Old Enough to Play High School Basketball, Will You Still be Alive?

When I am Old Enough to Play High School Basketball, Will You Still be Alive?

 “If you don’t feel like preaching this morning, I will!” I can’t tell you how many times I have heard that from one particular member of my church. If she didn’t offer her preaching services nearly every Sunday, I would terribly disappointed. There are of course some Sundays when I would gladly defer to someone that eager to get the job done! But in this case, I am somewhat fearful to abdicate my duty. I am not sure the church would want me back after hearing Coach Leta Andrews preach on a Sunday morning.

Actually Leta is a more seasoned motivator than I am! Last week she put Granbury, Texas in the national spotlight by becoming the most winning high school basketball coach in the history of the United States. Her winning record has now surpassed both girls and boys basketball coaches.

What has been the secret of Leta’s success on the court? I cannot possibly be exhaustive in my analysis, but here are few things I know to be true regarding this wonderful lady.

• Leta leads by example.   At age 73, she still runs with the girls, as they workout. She personally launders the team’s uniforms after the game are over. Leta has very high expectations of each player, but she models the behavior before demanding it. She is the epitome of a servant leader.

• She demands respect.   If you play for Leta, you will say “yes mam” and no “no sir.” Other players will be treated with respect. Her expectations in this way mirror old school coaches like Tom Landry and Vince Lombardi.

• She loves to win!   Leta is competitive. I realize that is a terrible understatement, but it needs to be stated simply. She loves to win! She knows what kind of discipline it takes to win.

• Leta can preach.   I have watched on the court. I have heard her speak publicly in several venues. She is a motivator par excellence.

In Granbury, we are proud of Leta. She has put us on the map for such a positive reason! On the days, I don’t feel like preparing to preach, I need to think about Leta. She started coaching the year I was born, 1962. She has stayed with it all of the years.

My favorite story about this legendary coach involves a little girl here in Granbury. The young lady posed this question to Leta several years ago. She said: “Coach Andrews: Will you still be alive when I am old enough to play basketball at Granbury High School?” My advice to that little girl is this: Get in shape and get ready! Come to think of it…..when it comes to preaching it would serve me well to get in shape and get ready too! Leta will be ready for both of us.

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