A Media Fast?

A Media Fast?

I encouraged the church to participate in a media fast today. Fasting from media would entail refraining from television, internet, video games, and even our cell phones. I am told that a couple of our teenagers start squirming when I mentioned a fast from text messaging. Teens get the bad rap when it comes to being hooked to everything electronic, but that is not fair.

There are retired couples at church that stay glued to cable news constantly. They are especially drawn to shows that have a conservative political bent. Unfortunately the political pundits successfully keep my over 65 group stirred up. It fuels a defeatist mentality that spills into their perception of the church as well the government.

My youngest son took it personally when I mentioned putting the X-Box or the Play Stations up long enough to experience some meaningful solitude. But once again the young crowd does not have corner on the video game habit. I know of 40 year olds that spend more time with a game controller than my teen.

But the bottom line is this: It would do us all good to fast from electronic media for at least 24 hours. It would be healthy to have more personal interaction and less texting. Perhaps we should drive the distance to see one of our friends that we normally only get to interact with on facebook. Turning the television off and reading is never a bad idea. I am going to have some windshield time this week.  It would do me good to turn the radio off…What am going to do without my classic country music?

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