Helping the Addicted in Brazil

Helping the Addicted in Brazil

Mark and Ali Kaiser are my friends in Brazil.  They are doing ministry in ways that I still dream of doing ministry.  Their sleeves are rolled up and they are serving those that are homeless and people struggling with drug addiction. In recent months they formed a vision of purchasing two buildings in the city of Itu to use as half-way houses for those struggling with addictions.  That dream became a reality this past week.  Here is their most recent blog post:

What we wanted the most was a God Story. 

We knew God could operate a miracle for the houses to become ours, and that is what we asked for.  We anxiously awaited to see how and when God would act, and here’s how it happened… 

As Mark already shared, there were over 40 people at the church building on Sunday evening for Mark’s vision launching of the halfway houses. Among the group was Mark’s Portuguese teacher, Ze. He has helped Mark tremendously by proofreading all the documentation for the non-profit we are establishing. After the Q&A about the halfway house project, several friends ended up at the houses with us to dream about initiating the next step = purchase. 

The next day Ze taught English class to Jose, a prosperous business man in town. He mentioned the meeting he had attended on Sunday and how much benefit the halfway houses would bring to the city. Jose showed some interest and said, “Bring Mark here to talk to me. I might help along the process.”

Mark and Jose met yesterday. Mark took papers with lots of numbers, lots of words, but most of all lots of dreams. Jose had good questions about the project, and shared with Mark he wanted to help promote recovery in this city “for personal reasons.”

So he gave us 2 houses… HE gave us two houses.

What?! Yep. Seriously?! Yep. Just like that?! Yep. 
Trust me, we are just as perplexed as you are. 

GOD has granted us his favor and confirmation, now we plunge forward with HIS blessing and YOUR involvement! 
Come and see.

What a privilege to partner with Mark and Ali! 

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