People are not Toys

People are not Toys

Last week I spent some time with a trusted colleague. It was nice to catch up on what is taking place in his world. Since we are in the same field we have a lot in common. .This particular individual is the most connected professional I have ever seen. He has a terrific network that he moves around in. I can always call on this friend if I need anything from a plumber to a brain surgeon. Chances are he will know two of each. I was teasing him about being taken out by prominent people in the Dallas/Fort Worth area for power lunches. But I was not prepared for his response.

He told me: They only take me to lunch when they want something. He proceeded to cite several examples of such behavior. It made me thankful that the only people that take me to lunch are those that truly enjoy my company and my warped sense of humor. I thought about his observations during the entire trek back to Granbury from the Dallas area. I came up wiht two important principles:

You don’t use people. Ever. You never use people. People are not inanimate tools that can be pulled from a toolbox and then tossed in the corner when we are finished with a “job.” People are valuable and even priceless. It does not make any difference where they fit in the socioeconomic or popularity scale. People are not things to be used for selfish purposes. Human beings were created in God’s image, so they are therefore deserving of  utmost respect.

• People are not toys. This is a common perception. People use other human beings for their own selfish gratification. And when they are finished, they put them back in the toy box until they want to play again. Human Trafficking is a global concern .right now. Poor and vulnerable individuals are sold like used cars for the sexual gratification of evil people. Children are among the most susceptible in this group. It even happens in “legal” ways when an adult treats his spouse or child like a toy for purposes of instant gratification. Such actions are inexcusable.

I don’t who I will go to lunch with tomorrow. There is just no telling! I am thankful to say that I will go with my friends, because I care about them. I want to hear about their family as I am sure they will want to hear about mine as well. I am so grateful that people that call me for lunch do so because they truly enjoy my company as well. I need to mark on my calendar to call my colleague in Dallas for a lunch appointment. He needs to know that someone just wants to come and hang out with him. And this week I will remind myself that you don’t use people. And people most certainly are not toys!

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