Romance in the Barbershop

Romance in the Barbershop

I am very particular about who cuts my hair, so I am grateful for my friend Anna.  She is a great barber and a better friend.  When I walked in the barber shop over the noon hour today, the first thing I noticed was a couple sitting very close to each other on the long bench that lines one of the walls.  They were totally engrossed in reading or watching something on her i-phone.  And…they were obviously engrossed in each other as well.  As I glanced their way, I noticed they were wearing matching white slacks and lavender shirts. I settled in for a short wait while he got his hair cut just ahead of me.

As soon as she opened her mouth as he got his hair cut, I knew she was from Florida.   That was the first accent I ever heard as an infant. And I still recognize it today.  I asked her what part of Florida she was from.  She could tell by the way I pronounced “Florida” that I was indeed bi-lingual.  (I can speak Southern was well as English.)   I soon learned the unnamed couple wearing matching white slacks and lavender shirts were Brad and Sarah.

Brad and Sarah just celebrated their 68thwedding anniversary.  She quickly pointed out to me that they have actually been together 69 years, because they “went together” for a year before marrying.  I asked how they met.   Apparently it was love at first sight when they saw each other for the first time in Sunday school.  He was 12 and she 8 years old.   They recently traveled back to Florida to visit the tree where he proposed to her one day many years ago…

I asked what brought them to Texas.  Apparently their daughter insisted they move out here, so she could care for them.  Sarah told me that same daughter passed away about a year ago at age 60.  Now a son-in-law has picked up the mantle of seeing after his deceased wife’s parents.  I think I like him. And I have never met him.

As Anna put the finishing touches on Brad’s haircut, I asked Sarah what was the secret to their long life together.  She told me they “experienced miracles all along the way.”  That is a good answer.  I think she is right.  

Anna asked Sarah if they were on facebook before they left the barber shop.  Sarah said:  “No, I don’t do facebook. You can just text me.”   The couple I observed engrossed in each other are Brad and Sarah. Brad is 93.  He flew a B-24 for the duration of World War II.   And sweet Sarah is only 89.  As they left today arm in arm, I knew that my day had blessed beyond words.  

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