Lonely? On Valentines Day??

Lonely? On Valentines Day??

Valentine’s Day is quite profitable for those who market candy, or sell flowers.  I wonder about the gross sales of Valentines related items.  Oh well…most of us dropped a few dollars today.

As the day winds down, I am thinking of people who do not have anyone to buy them a box of candy or a dozen roses.  I am thinking of people who are alone.

I made preparations today to officiate at a funeral that will be held next week.  A very nice lady in her 70’s lost her husband of many years.  This will be the first Valentines without him since she was a teenager.  I am thinking about her.

I am thinking of friends who are still reeling from the consequences of a relationship that ended unexpectedly.  I have several friends whose spouses left them for someone else.  Some of those friends were totally blindsided.   All of them are wrestling with the challenges associated with dealing with bitterness and forgiveness.

I have other friends who simply feel all alone.  And that is very difficult as well.   I am reminded of the Dan Fogelberg song entitled: “Lonely in Love.”  Relationships are infinitely complicated.

Why do I share such things on Valentine’s Day?  Do I need to go eat another piece of chocolate from the red cardboard heart down the hall in the office?  No…I think all of us need to consider the needs and concerns of others.  And that is especially true on a holiday.  There are people who are really feeling lonely today.  Take a minute to hug someone today.  That doesn’t add to the gross sales on Valentine’s Day, but that’s ok.  Some things in life are truly priceless.

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