It Started at a Pawn Shop in New York City

It Started at a Pawn Shop in New York City

 I am really not into delayed gratification, but I do see the value of plugging along on an effort consistently. I have wanted to be able to speak Spanish for quite some time now. But learning a new language requires a tremendous of discipline and hard work! Last spring I took a Conversational Spanish course at Tarrant County College. That was helpful. And then I attempted an online Spanish grammar course over the summer. I dropped that class! Summertime is just too busy at work. But then a pawn shop in New York City entered the picture…

I was able to order a new copy of the Rosetta Stone language software from a pawn shop via e-bay. Now Rosetta Stone requires a lot of discipline. It is a matter of being committed to the process. Obviously there is not a structured classroom with a set time to arrive every week. I have worked at it for several months now.
Today was particularly gratifying in regard to my journey to learn Spanish. I completed the first level of the Rosetta Stone process. That is a really big deal!  I am now ready to move on to the next level.

I am really not into delayed gratification, but learning a new language is teaching me the importance of that ideal. I am realizing that all I can do is make progress everyday. Nothing happens overnight.  Our friends from Mexico, Othoniel and Paloma could tell that I had made progress when they were in Granbury a few weeks ago. That was extremely exciting! Tomorrow I will begin the lessons in level 2. I will make additional flash cards for more practice. And I will attempt not to get impatient at the slow advancement.

Do you struggle with delayed gratification? I am convinced that taking on a project of the magnitude of learning a new language is a pretty decent cure for that human weakness. It sure is helping me! And I look forward to the day of being totally bi-lingual.  And just think…this part of the journey started at a pawn shop in New York City!

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