Going Postal Has Been Redefined!

Going Postal Has Been Redefined!

I assigned a new meaning to “Going Postal” today. While I was waiting in line at the post office to send off my passport renewal the people lined up with me were grouchy, edgy, and just downright rude to the people trying to take care of their precious packages. The man who waited on me is normally very friendly, but I could tell his patience was being pushed to the limit. By the time I got out of that hotbed of postal frenzy, I was feeling a little cranky myself. But that all changed when I got home.

I logged on to my facebook page as still another means of putting off dealing with the laundry in the adjacent room. My friend Bill Suter has been one of several people in my graduating class at Monterey High School that has chosen to be the glue that holds us together. Suter posted this comment on his status this afternoon: Funeral for one friend this morning and sitting with one of my best friends as he gets his chemo treatment…life is way too short…don’t waste it!

After reading his post, I shook the crankiness like a bad habit. After all he is right. Why get wound up about waiting in line at the post office? It could be that the person in front of you or behind you could need a kind word. As Bill aptly points out, such trivial matters don’t amount to anything.

I was also reminded of a conversation I had last night with one the supervisors I serve with at the Granbury Police Dept. He told me to be prepared. This is the season for increased suicides and other depression driven behaviors. I know he is right. It happens every year.

My prayer is that people who are struggling this year in various ways are surrounded by caring friends like Bill Suter. It makes all of the difference. But we are not going to take the time to sit with friends taking a chemo treatment, or attend a funeral until we figure out that life is too short to waste.

I am actually grateful for watching my neighbors go postal this afternoon. It was a reminder to me not to sweat the small stuff. In fact, I think I will finish the 6th load of laundry and then go see a friend who is being cared for by Hospice.

Life IS too short to waste. Thanks for the reminder Bill.

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