Worth the Climb….

Worth the Climb….

I have a very good friend (who shall remain anonymous) who does not like the idea of attending a marriage retreat or enrichment seminar with his wife. His philosophy is: “If ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” I must confess that I can have leanings in the same direction, so when some of our younger couples at church started planning a marriage retreat for this Valentine’s weekend, my friend’s thought processes start running through my head. But this year another friend, Trey Morgan, was invited to be the speaker. Trey is just an awesome guy. I had to go. And I am so glad I did…

Trey spoke candidly about a lot of marital issues during his 3 sessions today. His humility and good humor made for a meaningful and fun filled day for the 36 couples that attended. He saved his “sex talk” for the final session of the day. I guess you do what you have to get people to stay for the duration of the retreat.

In his presentation on sexual intimacy, he described the experience of an older gentleman and his wife. The man’s wife asked him if he would like to go upstairs and have sex. His response: I can do one or the other, but not both! Poor guy…. That story inspired me not only to be a better husband, but to get in better physical condition. After all I want to be able to climb stairs for many years to come.

Marriage retreats serve a good purpose. Bringing up issues that pertain to marriage inspire couples with good marriages to have better relationships. And retreats of this nature can also be the catalyst to prompt people in struggling marriages not to give up.  Our marriages are worth the time and attention.

Maybe next go around I can be a better influence on my friend who is hesitant to attend such functions, because I feel certain that he wants to be able to climb stairs for a number of years to come as well. 

A big thanks to Trey Morgan for a great day. Check his blog out at: www.treymorgan.net

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