One of These Days You are Going to Love Me…

One of These Days You are Going to Love Me…

We carry our stories with us. They go with us everywhere night and day. Our life story shapes us much more than what we would like to admit. Even events that took place as young children in elementary school continue to impact us as mature adults. During the course of the past year two friends of mine from elementary school apologized to me for things that were done when we were kids. They had carried the guilt from those encounters for over 35 years. Interestingly enough I always perceived those episodes to have been my fault, and I too carried a load of guilt.

I was reminded of the above mentioned occurrences and the fallout that ensues when I heard an old country song this afternoon. The lyrics are as follows:

We used to chase that boy home from school
We called him freckle faced, red-headed fool
He was different, he wasn’t cool like me
Sticks and stones didn’t break any bones
But we never left well enough alone
Then one day he ran away from home you see
And I passed him as he walked away
And in his eyes I heard him say
One of these days you’re gonna love me
You’ll sit down by yourself and think
About the times you pushed and shoved me
And what good friends we might have been
And then you’re gonna sigh a littl
And maybe even cry a little
But one of these days you’re gonna love me

The song is right. When we are young, it is so easy to blow up relational bridges. It is easy to be the bully or to ignore someone who is not quite like us. And then life happens. And one day we sit down and realize what good friends we could have been…

As I listened to that song today, I was grateful for formal and informal reunions. And I realize that my story affects me today. Some of my peers blew up bridges with me and I did the same with others. Today I am eager to go back and rebuild what was broken. “One of those days” has already arrived. And I do love that person whose eyes communicated hurt and brokenness years ago. 

Who do you need to reconcile with today? Has “one of those days” arrived for you yet?  I hope so…

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