I Didn’t Go to Church Today…. (And I am the Preaching Minister!)

I Didn’t Go to Church Today…. (And I am the Preaching Minister!)

I didn’t go to church today, but I did see “church” today. Allow me to explain… Less than two weeks ago a sweet 92 year old lady, who is a longtime member of the church I serve, lost her 60 year old daughter very suddenly. She passed away in her sleep. It was an unexpected event for the entire family. The daughter lived with her mother, so that makes the sudden loss even more difficult.

This morning before worship I saw my 92 year old friend named Inez seated in her regular place. I expected her daughter’s place right next to her to be empty, but that was an incorrect assumption. A wonderful lady named Debbie was sitting next to the elderly grieving mother. I was so moved that someone would be perceptive and caring enough to reach out to an elderly and vulnerable lady. And I could not help but wonder if Inez knows Debbie’s story….

Debbie is probably is in her early 50’s. But she and Inez have something important in common. Both of them have lost daughters. Debbie knows firsthand what it is like to re-enter the normal events of life in a state of acute grief. This morning I witnessed what will probably become a very meaningful friendship.

Today I didn’t go to church. But I did see “church” today. I saw church in action this morning. And that is what church is supposed to be all about. Debbie “did” church today. It was not her intent for anyone to notice. She is a very unassuming lady. But such acts of kindness are just hard to hide.

I realize I am playing games with semantics, but I still hold to my conclusion. We don’t go to church. We see church in action. And by our actions we give others the privilege to do likewise.

I didn’t go to church today, and I am the preacher! I find that a little amusing. But sure I am thankful that I saw “church” today. It was far more inspiring than any sermon I will ever preach.

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