How Could Anyone Be SO Rude?

How Could Anyone Be SO Rude?

Fred (not his real name) is one of the few World War II veterans that are still a part of our church family. When I moved to Granbury just over 7 years ago, there were more of them. But I have officiated at a lot of funerals since 2004…I have done several burial services for veterans at the National Cemetery in Dallas. Needless to say I am very grateful for Fred and other members of his generation.

Last Sunday on September 11th, 2001 we did several things during the worship service to commemorate the historical events of 10 years ago. We carefully chose a very moving, but kid friendly video that effectively reflected on the events of that fateful day. The video did not portray the awful images that are already embedded in our minds, but instead used phrases and words to capture the emotions all of us felt. It was well done and moving.

Fred was in the service that day. He too would have appreciated the content of the video like the rest of us. But Fred can’t see well anymore. He suffers from a chronic condition that dramatically impacts his eyesight. While the rest of us were watching the video that morning we heard someone talking. How could anyone be so rude? This is a serious time! But everyone soon realized that Fred’s wife was reading the words and phrases to him verbally as the video was being played. He would not be able to benefit from the message otherwise. (I don’t think either one of them hear well, so you can imagine what the volume was like!)

It was a touching scene on an emotional day. They are a wonderful older couple who represent patriotism in ways I will probably never be able to replicate in my life. And don’t be fooled. Fred and his wife are still very cool people! I am so glad that his disability did not hinder him from hearing the message of the video on September 11th this year, because you see Fred is also a retired commercial airline pilot. I am just grateful that he is a part of of our lives.  His wife’s “rudeness” that day no doubt generated a few tears…

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