I Have Never Called Anyone Mom

I Have Never Called Anyone Mom

I have never called anyone mom before.  Those are the words of a 13 year old boy who was a resident at Casa De La Esperanza in Northern Mexico prior to being reunited with his biological mother.  Casa is a children’s home that provides residential care for about 50 children.  There are infants and there are teenagers in that group. The median age is 7.  31% of the children have no clue as to the identity of either one of their parents.  78% have no regular visitors.

The 13 year boy that have never called anyone mom is rare.  As a resutlt of several extraordinary events, his mother was able be to reunited with him.  But that is a rare story.  Last summer the Home took in two very small children that were found abandoned in a city park.  The kids could not even provide their names or their birthdates.

Last Sunday was hosted Gil Sanchez as a guest speaker at church.   Gil and his wife Becky have directed Casa De La Esperanza since 1998.   The improvements made to the facilities are beyond description.   The love and nurture the Sanchez family and numerous others have provided is to be commended.

As I listened to Gil, I was truly convicted.  In recent years, I have struggled with the array of mistakes I have made as a father.  I have agonized over  poor choices and misplaced priorities.   Gil’s comments about the chilren they serve reminded me of two important principles that apply to a lot of us that have been fathers for a few years.

As long as I am breathing, I can improve as a father.   Two of my children are grown and out of the house.  But I am still their father.  I can still employ my paternal skills
I am surrounded byildren who have never called anyone dad.  I feel called to reach out to those kids.  Over 22 years of being a father should count for something!

Who do you know that has never had anyone to call “mom” or “dad?”

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